Frequently Asked Questions
Can we book our reservation via email or can you just hold some seats for me?
No. You must Book Online or call to reserve as a credit card and email is required. We will not charge your card unless you fail to show at
your scheduled departure time, at which time you will also be shunned and talked about. No credit card or no email... No sail!

What is this "Marina 10% Fee" that's added to the total price?
Besides the many costs of doing business, little do people know that marinas charge a premium to a charter boat operator who leases a
slip from them. They require 10% of our gross revenue to allow our guests to use the parking facility/restrooms, cover the extra insurance
they're required to have, and to maintain the dock system. We eat all the other fees to keep the price as low as possible for you. If we
raise the price to cover the fee, they get 10% of the higher fee. Its easier and cheaper this way.  

Can we wear boat shoes?
Only during our cooler months are boat shoes acceptable. Otherwise, we require bare feet. We don't wear shoes in our home and we
don't wear shoes on our yacht. You won't find a cleaner charter vessel in all of South Florida. (We're neat freaks!) Don't worry ladies and
gentlemen, we've seen all types of eagle talon feet. Feet oozing puss or ones that are tripping hazards for other will be exempt.

What happens if we show up late?
The boat may be gone. We can only wait 5 minutes extra. During busy season, plan on beach traffic both ways slowing you down by 60+
minutes. Arrive early but don't arrive to the boat until your scheduled time. We sail multiple sails per day. If you don't make it on time, you
most likely will miss your departure as I must keep on schedule and you WILL be charged. Its your responsibility to show on time and
traffic will not be an excuse. Time and tide wait for no man!

If we show up early to the boat do we get better seats?
Nope. Arrive to the boat only a few minutes (5-10 minutes) before your scheduled time. Every seat is a good seat on our 6 passenger
sailboat adventure. Please, don't knock on the boat 30 minutes before the scheduled sail. The captain is probably asleep!!

Can we bring adult beverages on the boat?
Yes. Soft sided coolers preferred. Red wine or other staining beverages are NOT allowed. If your cooler is large with wheels and
handlebars, its too big and not allowed. Your captain and first mate enjoy flavored seltzer water. Glass bottles are OK. Glass stemware
(wine glasses)
not OK. Drinking is encouraged, but sloppy drunk is not. Get over intoxicated on my boat and you'll get a great selfie on the
Sheriff's vessel with a giant orange life jacket as a memento from your visit to Fort Myers Beach.

Can we bring food aboard?
Yes. Your captain and first mate love (1) Publix sub on the day sail. "Ultimate" (Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, Provolone), on white with lettuce,
tomato, green pepper, cucumber, banana pepper, oil & vinegar (on the side), mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. If you are hungry, bring
food for yourself. Please, no items that are greasy, drippy, or saucy. Remember, this is a sailboat and there is wind. Light weight items
(lids, plastic, paper) will want to fly out of your hands. Finger foods rule. Because of insurance rules, we can't provide food or liquor.

What does it cost if I block the marine head (toilet) with something other then human waste or the paper provided?
If you flush a feminine product or items other than human waste and the fast dissolving toilet paper provided, it will immediately block the
toilet. You will not only have ruined the trip for the others, your reservation will be charged an additional $400 to buy the new macerator
pump system and the labor costs involved. If other sails are scheduled for the day, you will also be responsible for the lost revenue. This
is non negotiable.

Am I genius by referring to you as Captain Dan from Forrest Gump?
No. Every passenger says the same thing and everyone is wrong. It was Lieutenant Dan, not Captain Dan. Stick with your day job.

Can I bring my comfort animal?
No. Our vessel is not equipped to handle the needs of a non human aboard. Plus, your Captain is allergic to most pet fur and heavily
perfumed women.  A monkey bit me once during a sail. It helps to talk about it. Guests wearing patchouli oil (Hippie and Pirate perfume)
will be charged a $1500 cleaning fee.

Where do we go and how far?
The half day, 1/4 day, and sunset cruises sail mostly along Fort Myers Beach and in the waters behind the lower end of Sanibel Island near
the lighthouse. We are usually never farther than a few miles from shore at any time. Your captain reserves the right to stay out much
longer if he is having a good time.

If the weather is bad at the time of our scheduled sail, what happens?
If it is raining or the winds are sustained over 25 mph, we will cancel the cruse and try to reschedule if possible. If during our cruise we
have to come back early due to weather, we will prorate the charge. Please trust the Captain's decision when it comes to weather or
conditions. Safety of our guests and the vessel are top priority.

What is your cancellation policy?
48 hours. If within 48 hours, 100% of your booking price will be charged if we can't fill your slots. If we cancel because of weather, no
charge to you.

We have more than 6 people, can we still book your boat?
No. 6 Maximum as per Coast Guard regulations. Even if we had a 80' vessel, still regulated to 6 passengers unless vessel is purposely
built for commercial use and is issued a C.O.I. (Certificate of Inspection). Yes..a small child or infant has a soul (most of the time) and
counts as a person. If you are aboard a vessel with more then 6 guests, look for the C.O.I. before departing. Otherwise, the boys in blue
jumpsuits will have an easy target and your life may be in danger.

Capt Dan, isn't my child the most amazing human being every created and unbelievably smart?
Slow your roll tiger. Any age is acceptable, but if your child only communicates through screams and crying, the cuteness factor will wear
off quickly as will your time on my vessel. Hint: Book the pirate cruise and let them deal with your little social misfit. They have swords and
candy. Free range parents..... not cool. We love kids, but will not babysit during the sail. Also, common sense would say that bringing small
children on a non private sunset sail would be rude to other guests as its more of an adult romantic/chill out sail.

Capt Dan, why is the steering wheel so big?
No power steering and the rudder is the size of a door!!

We would like to go topless, can we book a private cruise?
Yes, if you book a private sail. We will however get a little farther offshore away from boating traffic. The captain is married and reserves
the right to keep his sunglasses and clothes on. My first mate... that's another story.  :-)

Do we see dolphins?
We see dolphins 90% of the time but cannot guarantee it. Barking like a dog or monkey sounds do attract dolphins.

Can we swim in the ocean?
We don't typically swim. Insurance regulations don't allow swimming. Plus, our tidal currents can get pretty strong and your Captain isn't
that good at head counts.

I'm an amazing sailor and know everything. Can I tell you how to do your job?
Yes you can. As I pull away from the dock... where you are still standing, let me know if the sail is trimmed properly.

My wife has motion sickness, will she get sick?
There is no way to possibly know this. However, a sailboat has a much smoother motion than a powerboat and most people find it very
enjoyable. The lack of exhaust fumes from a running engine helps greatly. If in doubt, leave her home. Out of 10,000+ passengers,
currently the count is at
24 pukers. Common sense: Don't eat a stack of pancakes before the cruise

Why is the boat named Star of Orion, the website, and the business Magic Wind Adventure Sailing?
Walk down the dock and talk to Captain Paul, the guy we bought the business from in 2009. You'll understand. LOL!

What happens if there are Canadians on the boat?
Canadians are for the most part safe to sail with. They tend to get a little feisty at times, but are manageable. They do speak a secret
language, but your captain has learned to understand them. It is always best to never look a Canadian in the eye while sailing. Never, and
I mean NEVER, let a Canadian run out of beer. Remember, these people put red relish on their hamburgers!

Capt Dan, how do I get one of those custom Magic Wind Adventure Sailing koozie can coolers everyone is talking about?
Save us the credit card processing fees and pay cash at the conclusion of the sail and we'll reward everyone on your reservation with a
koozie. What a deal!

Capt Dan and Dianne, Can I show you all my pictures on my phone while you try to operate the boat and keep an eye on guests?
Although I'm sure your grandchildren and adventures mean a lot to you, distracting the Captain or the First Mate by asking them to look at
200 pictures on your phone is a bad idea. Out of respect and not being rude, we may show interest in a couple pics... but have some self

Capt Dan, Is it Ok to bring cremated remains aboard a Non-Private sail and ask everybody aboard to join us in a memorial service?

Really? You are an idiot. Other guests aboard are there to enjoy their sail, not join you in your grief. You were supposed to book a private
sail or visit our sister site for unattended burials at sea.

Instead of enjoying the sail, can we tell you about all the property we own and how much money we make along with our amazing
Sure. We love to hear how pathetic our finances are compared to yours. Thanks for reminding us!

Or call Capt. Dan and Dianne direct at:
(800) 975-5824 Toll Free

Once again, thank you and I'll see you when you get here.
Safe travels and fair winds. I'll wait for you on the dock.
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